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Preserving Memories Digitize Your Home Media

Memories & Me


My name is Koni, pronounced Connie,
and I'm from upstate New York. I grew up a Sherwood, married a Smith, have lived from coast to coast, and eventually landed in Utah. I have six amazing kids and I'm a digital media aficionado. When my grandparents passed away, we found a plethora of old photos they left behind. Some were thick, some were ripped, some were fragile, but they were all treasures! I decided I wanted to preserve those memories and that decision grew into a passion. I have been digitizing memories of my own and for many others ever since. I would love to help preserve your family treasures.

Preserving Old Family Photos

Services & Pricing


We treat your memories like we do our own--with great pride and care. We'd love to digitize your photos & film, journals & documents, and everything in between.  Buy a flash drive/hard drive from us or provide your own and we do the rest. We also offer cloud storage as an additional option where your yesterdays can last forever.

Preserving Old Family Photos

  Yesterday deserves to be remembered


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Fans & Feedback


Koni is a life-saver! Both of my parents have passed away. We had Super 8 films, DVDs, and cassettes that had home movies we’d never seen. Koni was able to digitize all of it! We also gave her 3 bins of pictures, papers, and albums we wanted to save. They included a baby album of my mother and one of my parents' wedding. All items we had never seen. Koni does a fantastic job! She really cares about preserving histories for families. I’m so glad we found her. Thank you for helping us!


Debra W.  American Fork, UT

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