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What People Are Saying

I LOVE that I now have all our old home videos and photo CDs digitized!! I had been meaning to do it for years, and finally got it done. Worth every penny!!! Now to start on the scrapbooks…

- Tiffany S. West Bountiful, UT

I found priceless letters from my Dad written to my Mom while he served in WWII. Absolute treasures! Koni helped me preserve this gift for generations to come. Can’t thank her enough for her loving care. My family and I highly recommend her.

– Tami W.  Eden, UT

I have been trying to get my home decluttered. As part of this, I had many of our families photos scanned and saved on a thumb-drive. I hired Koni Smith with Koni did a fabulous job getting everything scanned and saved for me. If you are needing someone to help you with your photos, I highly recommend hiring Koni.

– Kristi N.  Cedar Hills, UT

Koni was so helpful and did such a great job transferring our family memories! I’m so grateful to have a local service with a quick turnaround.

She also helped repair and digitize a broken cassette tape from my mission, that I had given up being able to listen to again. It was a sweet experience to hear those voices from 25 years ago.  I would recommend Koni and her company to everyone. Thank you so much!

 – Lindsay J.  American Fork, UT

The hardest part is just deciding that the time is right and to hire the work out. People kept telling my mom "Just take your things to the church library and you can do it so fast and it's free". Problem is, people just don't do it. People don't think twice to spend on family reunions - this is like a permanent family reunion!

– Shauna A.  Alpine, UT

I have been trying to find a place to digitize my reel to reel tapes!! I finally got in touch with Koni and she did a GREAT job helping our family see these wonderful memories!! Koni is amazing to work with. We live in Florida and she kept in touch with us while our precious tapes were in transit and when she received them. The quality of the transfer is the best it could be. The return time was so fast and it was a pleasant experience!! I tried a BIG COMPANY and sent them a few tapes before I heard about Koni. I am still waiting to hear from them!! I recommend Koni and Preserving Your Memories to anyone wanting to digitize memories. She is FANTASTIC!!!

– Sheri C.  St. Cloud, FL

My grandfather dictated his life history onto 14 cassette tapes. My sister transcribed the tapes into a document but I knew someday the tapes would fail and we would lose his voice. We would lose how he pronounced things. We would lose his chuckle as he recalled funny events in his life. Koni digitized those tapes for me. We will now have those irreplaceable treasures forever. Koni was great to work with.

I highly highly recommend.

– Amber L.  Pleasant Grove, UT

Koni is a wonderful person to work with. She does exactly what she says she will and in a very timely manner. She took excellent care of my photos while she had them. Nothing was lost or damaged. So grateful she has been able to help me create a safe way to preserve my older photos. 10 out of 10 for Preserving Your Memories. Thanks.

– Kindy W.  Litchfield Park, AZ

I loved how quick Koni was with getting all of our photos scanned. We had a shoebox full and got it back in just a couple days. I also love that she took the time to ask if we wanted certain photos (our wedding) saved at the highest resolution.

Highly recommend.

– Allison S.  Phoenix, AZ

I recently came across some old video’s of my son’s returning from their missions, along with little league games etc. I wanted to have these digitized and came across a company called Preserving Memories, out of Utah. I sent my videos, and some old audio tapes to them. I have done this before with Costco and it was very difficult to even find out if Costco had received my tapes, much less find out when they would be done. I sent my tapes to Preserving Memories, and was so pleased. They let me know the day my tapes arrived, kept me up to date on the progress, and answered questions I had in the same day! I had my tapes back very quickly! I was very impressed and wanted to share in case others want to have missionary memories digitized! I will attach their website. I have no affiliation with the company, just wanted to share my good experience with other moms!  – Tammie S.  Henderson, NV

I recommend Koni Smith with all my heart. She is responsive and quick and took a whole lot of negatives and put them on thumb drives for me to give to my family for Christmas. It was marvelous to be able to use her services. I had thought of doing it myself but am glad that I turned to her. Not sure I would ever get it done if I hadn't.

– Julie H.  Orem, UT

Koni Smith digitized over 40 8mm tapes of mine. It has been so wonderful to finally watch these movies after all these years. Koni did an amazing job and was so quick at getting them done. I had wanted to do this for years but was so worried to leave them with a business for fear they would get lost. Koni is organized and trustworthy so I had no problem handing over my 30 plus years of memories. She put them on a portable hard drive that was easy to share with my children. Pricing was affordable. Thank you Koni for helping me share these memories with my family.

– Teri T.  Pleasant Grove, UT

Koni was very professional and timely. She communicated well with me about my tapes. She is reasonably priced and I will use her again. My kids are so excited to see videos from their childhood with their deceased father! I am thankful for her talents!!

– Joelle G.  American Fork, UT

For many years, I have been wanting to Digitize all my old boxes of Family Photos and Videos to pass on to my children and mainly was needing consistent blocks of daily time, then Coronaville arrived, providing me with the needed time. I wanted to complete this project during this available “season”. Fortunately, I had a connection to someone who could help me. This is where Koni Smith…comes in. In short order, she digitized my 4,000+ prints and Videos. All my original prints were distributed to the Children and for Christmas all the children will get a hard drive of all my prints. I did not want to leave this project for my Children to deal with. Thank you Koni for all your

help and patience in working with someone

who is not electronically savvy.

– Robert W.  San Marcos, TX

Koni is nice and very easy to work with. I gave her a container of photos and she had them done so quickly. She does a quality job and now it’s my goal to gather all my photos and get them to her so they can all become digital. That will be a big relief! I’ll be able to do this because her pricing is affordable. Highly recommend Preserving Your Memories.

– Diana B.  Pleasant Grove, UT

Koni helped me preserve some cassette tapes and photos from a treasured study abroad trip when I was in college. She prorated my cost for the frasction of the hour it took to copy them, and I had them back with digital copies on a thumb drive in less than a week. Reasonable price and great service! Now I just need to dig out the rest of my photos and get them to her!

– Harmony P.  Pleasant Grove, UT

Koni is a media preservation genius and so great to work with!  When a California firestorm came within a half mile of my house, I knew that I needed to preserve my old print photos in digital format, but it  wasn't until my mom passed that I realized that I needed to do it for my parent's photos also.  Koni made high resolution digital copies that were amazing! I was able to enlarge them easily and they look so professional.  I was able to use them in my mom's memorial video and it looked awesome.

– Lonna M.  Sandy, UT

Koni was a joy to work with. She was as excited about preserving my memories as I was. Service was prompt and exactly what she promised. I can’t thank her enough for digitizing my cassette and VCR taped memories. I will cherish them for a lifetime!

– Jilynne F.  Pleasant Grove, UT

What can I possibly say to express my gratitude for Koni Smith's extraordinary help in transferring my family's precious memories so we can now access them so readily in digital form?!?! For years, I have stored photos, negatives, documents and memorabilia in boxes in my basement. It was a terrible burden worrying about how and when I would find the time to scan and transfer them on my own. And then I blessedly met Koni. Koni was able to scan and transfer 20 plus years of our family's history into digital form. Best of all, she downloaded all the newly scanned data onto external hard drives that we were able to wrap up and give to our adult children for Christmas. They all agreed it was the BEST Christmas gift they have ever received! Highly, and without hesitation, recommend!!!

– Liesl B.  Cedar Hills, UT

One of the best things my parents and grandparents did for me was to preserve our family's story by taking lots of pictures, filming home movies and keeping the letters that they had written over many decades. When my mom sold her home last year, we felt the nudge to have the contents of the many boxes of photos, letters and even some reel-to-reel movie film, which had been carefully stored over the years, digitized. Enter Koni Sherwood Smith and her company Preserving Your Memories. This was the start of the best gift - memories preserved forever! To be honest, this was an overwhelming task to us as a family. Koni's encouragement and patience in getting the material ready for scanning was invaluable. Koni's work is exquisite! If the photos needed to be color enhanced, it was done. Box after box, album after album, slides, movies, letters all made their way to her studio; all of it is now digitized, preserved, shareable and cherished. Thank you Koni for your amazing work! To anyone wondering if the price is worth it, I would say consider the impact of the investment. For our family it was the best gift my parents could have given to us kids.

– Shauna P.  Alpine, UT

We are so grateful for Koni Smith and her company, "Preserving Your Memories". 
We found Koni's company and asked her to digitize our old family photos and videos.  Our goal was to load childhood memories of each of our children onto digital photo frames and give them to our boys.  Koni provided amazing personal service.  She took good care of all our old photos and videos that were shot on various media platforms (Polaroid, photographic film, VCR, mini DVD, etc.) over the years.  She provided nice enhancements on many of the older photos and delivered a treasured set of digital images and videos for us.  Our pre-loaded digital picture frames were a huge hit with each of our children, their spouses and our grandchildren.  In addition, we were able to organize all our treasured memories in one place.  We heartily recommend Koni to anyone who is looking to preserve pictures and videos of any vintage.

– Crystal & Harvey N.  Alpine, UT

Pictures mean the world to me.

Maybe that's one of the reasons I enjoyed being a photographer. Last year I hired a professional to scan all of my grandmother's photos, newspaper clippings, and genealogy papers. She had multiple albums filled with pictures of her family, my grandfather when he was serving in the military, their vacations... and all of the pictures, and announcements that her growing family sent her over the years. I look through them often, partly because I can access them from my phone.

I loved that not only were the pictures all captured, but she also scanned in the backs when they had written messages. I freaking love some of them, my mom and grandma were ruthless and it cracks me up. So this is a shout out to Koni Sherwood Smith who did this amazing work. I plan to have her scan all my scrapbooks and some other photo stashes later this year. I highly recommend her if you have been thinking about it.  

– Lore F.   Pleasant Grove, UT

I’ve taken all my parents old home movies to a wonderful lady nearby who has digitized them for us. This is a screen shot from one of the movies. Just me and my mom.  Priceless! Thank you to Koni Smith at Preserving Your Memories. Now I’m taking my own home movies to her.  The work you’ve done for us has brought the memories of our parents alive. It’s amazing to see pictures and movies we’ve never seen. Thank you.

– Deb W.  American Fork, UT

Koni has been transferring our digital videos, and she does an AMAZING job! She is quick, careful, and does beautiful work! We are so grateful for her and definitely recommend her services!

– April P.  Provo, UT

Natalie and I have been married for over twenty years and have four adult children. A couple of weeks ago, we were watching home movies with our second daughter, Cortney, who is now 29 years old. 


We watched a video segment of her when she was two years old. The vignette showed her and her biological father laughing and playing together. When we looked over at Cort, tears were streaming down her face, "I have never seen videos of Troy and me together. I have never heard his voice." That was a tender moment that was priceless to us.


Koni Smith made that moment possible for us. We cannot thank her enough!


For many years we have been saying that "sometime we need to get our videos transferred to a digital format." But the years just kept ticking by. For about two decades all of our videos, discs, mini-discs, etc, have just been sitting in a forgotten tote, in the basement, because we had no way to watch them. 


This year, finally, hired Koni, the owner of "Preserving Memories". The process was quick and painless. She met us and picked up our tote of memories. We didn't realize that we had nearly 100 videos.


Within a week, Koni had all of the work done, I have no idea how she did it so quickly. She uploaded all the digital files for us on an external hard drive. 


The cost was much less expensive than we thought it would be. We are thrilled!! We have watched these fun home movies over and over! Our kids love them!!


If you have been waiting... STOP!  Koni will treat your memories with care and professionalism. You will be glad you took the time to get all of your memories into a usable format that you can keep forever and finally watch again!! 


Steve and Natalie P. Saratoga Springs, UT

12,666 photos digitized

1,695 slides and negatives digitized

56.5 video tapes digitized

8.5 cassette tapes digitized

410 documents digitized

For a total of 14,837 items.

Koni jokingly said, “It’s almost like losing 10 pounds!”

But for me it’s like losing 50!!!! Can’t even tell you what a relief it is to have it done! It’s been a monkey on my back for decades! Thanks Koni Sherwood Smith for doing it and getting it done so fast!

Tayva P.   Alpine, UT

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